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Garlic butter rice SP (garibata)

Garibata rice is free, and you can choose large (300g), medium (240g), or small (200g)!
Garibata SP is a very popular menu item✨
・Singleシングル 200g (thick cut 200g) ¥1,210

・Mixミックス 300g (200g thick slice + 100g thin slice) ¥1,440

・Doubleダブル 400g (thick cut 400g) ¥1,650

・Tripleトリプル 600g (thick cut 600g) ¥2,090

・Hot egg topping温玉トッピング ¥60
・One menchiワンメンチ ※Limited to Minamisenba ¥190

Once you eat it, you'll become addicted to it✨
Please give it a try.
*Garlic butter rice cannot be refilled

Tonteki that goes great with white rice!

Free refills of rice, cabbage, and fried garlic✨
Meat can be changed to [thick cut only] or [thin cut only]!
・Singleシングル 200g (thick cut 200g) ¥990

・Mixミックス 300g (200g thick slice + 100g thin slice) ¥1,210

・Doubleダブル 400g (thick cut 400g) ¥1,430

・1 pound1ポンド (thick cut 500g) ¥1,650

・Tripleトリプル 600g (thick cut 600g) ¥1,870

・Hot egg topping温玉トッピング ¥60
・Change to Garibata riceガリバタライスへ変更 ¥250
・One menchiワンメンチ ※Limited to Minamisenba ¥190

Minamisenba limited menu

✨ Special ✨ Menchi Mountain

[No! Frozen] and completely handmade 👍
You can also topping from one piece to other menus
・Menchi Mountainメンチマウンテン ¥990
Comes with rice and miso soup

・Topping “One mince”トッピング「ワンメンチ」 ¥190

As many as 5 minced meat!
I thought it would be a lot, but it goes so well with rice that I end up eating it all.
A popular menu only available at Minamisenba✨

When topping with other menus,
If you want one, order "one mince" or if you want two, "two menchi"!

Total weight 2kg dynamite bowl! !

If you can finish eating within 30 minutes of the time limit, it will be free of charge! !
・Dynamite bowlダイナマイト丼 ¥2,600

✨Challenge successチャレンジ成功時  ¥0✨

[Dynamite rice bowl that has made many gluttons groan]

Those who have achieved success, those who unfortunately have not achieved it, etc.
You have created a lot of drama!

If you are confident, why not try it?

Commitment to rice

Hubei_I grew up in Ebie Village
Lake North America Koshihikari
Directly delivered from contracted farmer Kunitomo
We use Lake North America Koshihikari.

The rice grown in the clear water of Mt.
It's the best rice that you can enjoy just rice.

By matching with this rice when you have our tonteki
We would like our customers to enjoy the "taste" of outstanding compatibility.